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a year ago

Studying for a test, stressed, can't sleep, need to calm down?

Research shows that calming sounds, like rain on a roof, can help with relaxation.  For sounds, Click Here.

Resources for your mental health, wellness, and how to survive the pandemic. 

What do nerves have to do with it?

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body.  It runs from your brain stem and acts as an information highway - connecting the brain with your organs. Stretching all the way down to the torso like a system of roots or cables it controls a huge range of bodily functions.⁠  It's known as being responsible for the mind-body connection and playing negotiator between thinking and feeling.⁠         

Nervous for a test, anxious about that big game, stressed about school.  For ways to calm the vagus nerve....

WOndering if you're in a Healthy Relationship?  speak with the school counselor or

vaping. Know the risks. know the facts.  Speak with the school Counselor or