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The SAT is focused on the skills and knowledge at the heart of education. It measures: 

-What you learn in high school. 

-What you need to succeed in college and career training.

The same habits and choices that lead to success in school will help you get ready for the SAT. The best way to prepare for the test is to: 

- Take challenging courses.  

 -Do your homework. 

-  Prepare for tests and quizzes. 

- Ask and answer lots of questions.

Don’t miss out on these strategies: 

- Determine Your Target Score: Total Score Range 400-1600 

-Figure Out How Long You'll Need to Study

-Analyze Your Mistakes and Focus On Your Weaknesses


PSAT/SAT Practice

Reading Passages

Daily Practice for PSAT/SAT

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Pre-factory- PSAT/SAT.

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Free Practice Exams

Preparing for the SAT is a gradual process. Take a practice SAT to see what skills you need to work on. If you need to work on recognizing words in context for the Reading section, then quizzing yourself with vocabulary cards is one place to start. 

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Test Taking Tips.


Khan Academy.

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