ICAP 9th Grade

a year ago

Link Your College Board Account to Khan Academy.  Practice for the SAT.   


Read - Test Taking Strategies.  In your ICAP Folder create a google doc and put in 4 Test Taking strategies that will work for you.  


 Fill out the self awareness assessment. Read through your personality based on the assessment and then answer the questions on the google form.  


Select the lesson below: 


First, identify 2-3 values, then write about why they are important to you. .

1/13/2020 Lesson

Lesson: Goals

“The most important scientific discovery about self-control is that it can be taught.”

—Walter Mischel

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The Future of Work

Listen to one podcast below and write down 3 things you learned from it.

The future of work Podcast

Listen to one podcast and write down 3 things you learned from it in a google doc.  Put the google doc in your ICAP folder.

Encouragement is like water to the soul, it makes everything grow.

by Chris Burkman

Positive Relationships.

Write Down in a google doc 3 keys to healthy relationships that you use or would like to use to build healthy relationships. Then explain how you use it in your daily life.  Then upload the google doc into your ICAP folders.

Gen Z is smarter with money than Millennial's. In fact, 12% are already saving for retirement and a significant 21% of this generation of people ages 14 to 21 had a savings account before the age of ten! 

Generation Z is shaping up to be a true "throwback generation," already working, saving money, and determined not to end up like Millennial's. 77% of Gen Z currently earn their own spending money through freelance work, a part time job, or earned allowance. This is a powerful finding given that this is also true for about the same percentage of Millennial's surveyed, who are ten years older!

Gen Z is primed to become more influential than Millennial's, and it’s happening quickly. Their practical and fiscally conservative behavior is making them part of businesses and our economy even at their young age.



Spring ICAP: Grit and Goals

Passion and perseverance for long-term goals

Lesson: Grit

On a Google Doc write down your Grit Score and write about how you apply Grit to your life. 

What is Grit?

Grit is the ability to keep working toward a goal, overcoming challenges and sticking with it even when it's hard.

A true definition of grit would say that grit is a personality trait that helps you keep working toward long-term goals despite setbacks or failures. It is similar to perseverance and it requires a growth mindset— two similar character traits that mean you are willing to keep working and improving at something despite the challenges that get in your way.

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No Matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Barriers to Learning



Explore your future career.  Don't settle, but find something you are PASSIONATE about!  Explore and write down top 5 career ideas, the salary, the job descriptions and how you will get there.  You will either need to learn a trade/skill or go to college.   Make sure to put this in your ICAP portfolio for next year.

4 Year Plan

Fill out the form below and put it in your ICAP folder.  It is a plan for your classes for your high School Career.