ICAP 12th Grade

a year ago


The Power Of Networking!

Understanding the importance of Networking in any field is very important.  - Independently watch the Networking Ted Talk to be successful in your career choice no matter what that may be.  


This is a time to fill out scholarships.  Apply for colleges.  If you are not going to college fill out a linked in profile to begin a job search and online networking.    

Oh the Places you will go...


Budgeting and living Frugal: Select 3 of them and explore the APPS.  In a google doc write down the apps that you explored, which one you prefer and why.

Fort Lewis is coming Wednesday!!

Another Free APP day 

Fill out Foundation Scholarship! Sign up in the office 9 am!  

Graduation is so close.


Make sure you have all your credits and volunteer hours to graduate. Look for your Transcripts on Infinite Campus and use your schedule for this year.  Make sure you are passing all of your classes.


Reminder - Do the FAFSA.  The earlier the better....

Also, the FAFSA can be used for any trade school, college, or vocational school.

It is free and will give you more options to choose from when you graduate high school!

Colorado Free Application day on October 15th.  No Fees!  It can get really expensive so take advantage of this.  You can apply to trade school, colleges and Vocational schools.  

Plan on going to College, trade school or vocational school

Choose 3 colleges, trade schools or vocational schools.  You will find their online applications and prepare to apply on October 15th.  

Use the College Application Checklist.

Make a copy and put it into your ICAP folder.  This can help you fill out applications.

Planning on going into the workforce start looking for careers!

Make an Account to Connecting Colorado and start looking for job openings.  Write down at least 3 different jobs. 

U.S. hiring trends and job openings are still strong, fresh reports on labor market show .

Read the Article to see some trends in the job market.

September ICAP

Individual Career and Academic Plan

- FAFSA - College Applications (Common Application) - Resume Building- Check Scholarships!

The money you will make.

Write down 2 programs, 2 degrees, and your potential earnings in a google doc and put it into your ICAP folder.  

College Admission Tool.

Make Your Dream School a reality.

Option 1:

Build options wizard - if you are still exploring options for colleges.

Write down 5 Colleges/trade schools in a google doc and put it into your ICAP Folder.

Option 2:

Matching College List.

Compare your GPA and SAT scores to see what colleges you will be admitted to.  Write down all the colleges you will be admitted to. 

Supply and Demand.

Colorado's top Jobs. - Write down 3 jobs you are interested in, annual openings and wages and growth rate in a google doc and put into your ICAP folder.

College Checklist Time Line.

Free Application Day October 9th!  

Come sign up to fill out the application in the Counseling Office.

Colorado Free Application Day.

October 15th!!
No Fees.

VIP Visit to Fort Lewis

October 29th.  Sign up in the Counseling Office.

 students need to fill out the FAFSA. Application Starts October 1st.

Below is how you do it.  If you need more information please go to the Counselor's office.


This is Free money!  You will not need to pay this back.  You must fill out the FAFSA in order to be determined if you qualify for this money.

Work- Study

Fill out the FAFSA in order to determine if you qualify for a work-study program.  You work on campus for a stipend and you will receive scholarship money for tuition.


By filling out the FAFSA you will know how much the government will give you to pay for college.  This money has to be paid back.