ICAP 11th Grade

a year ago

Link Your College Board Account to Khan Academy.  Practice for the SAT.   


Earn $1,000 in scholarship money with 6 hours of practice.  

Read - Test Taking Strategies.  In your ICAP Folder create a google doc and put in 4 Test Taking strategies that will work for you.  

Test Taking Strategies.


Read-Test Taking Strategies: In your ICAP Folder create a google doc and write down 4 Test Taking Strategies that will work for you.  

Big Future. Choose your college list for the SAT and Scholarship opportunity.


03/02/2020: Watch the You tube video below.  Select "How to Start Your College List" - Go to BIG FUTURE - Select 6 Colleges that are a good fit right now.  These do not have to be your final selection and you may want to go into a career or vocational school.  This is just exploration and preparation for the possibility of going to College.  



Start the New Year off right.  Select below to read the lesson.


Make the right choice for you.

Trade school vs. College. Select below, look over the info-graph about the value of trade school and write down 3 things you learned from the info-graph on a google doc.

Top jobs.

Read below.  Select one career that you might be interested in and write why you like it and how you would begin a career in this field.


The Money you will make.

Write down 2 programs, 2 degrees, and your potential earnings in a google doc and put it into your ICAP folder.  


Make Your Dream Job a Reality

Explore 3 Industries.  Then find your career path. Select entry level, mid level and advanced level.  Write one profession down in your ICAP folder that includes annual salary, job openings and growth rate.  - Keep exploring those careers you are interested in!

Launch your Career


Colorado's top Jobs. - Write down 3 jobs you are interested in, annual openings and wages and growth rate in a google doc and put into your ICAP folder.

Fall College TimeLIne


Go through the power point to learn more.

Sign Up for the PSAT/Nmsqt

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